Those who wear our starry items not only look great but are also supporting scientific and citizen initiatives on light pollution


Cities at Night

crowdfunding campaign

Hundreds of thousands of images have been taken by the International Space Station (ISS), but sorting them is a massive task.

Three apps have been created to let the public help, but these urgently need to be improved – so we launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise 12,000 euros to do this.


Over 80 percent of people on Earth live under light polluted skies

Credit: Rainer Stock

Create a better place to live

Artificial light at night is associated with the sense of security, wealth and modernity. Hence, light pollution is widely spreading after the onset of darkness.

STARS4ALL is a European project raising awareness about the negative effects of artificial light on human wellbeing, biodiversity, visibility of stars, safety and energy waste.


Putting light back in the spotlight


Light-pollution and its consequences are still poorly understood. When clear information is gathered, changes can happen.

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Become scientists

Get involved in Stars4All initiatives and help scientists to study light-pollution. Put on your gloves and gather data!


We provide tools and support citizen-led initiatives to understand how to improve lighting. Stars4All is your project, have a say in light-pollution! Create your initiative!

Spread the word

Create awareness in your community about the problems of light pollution. We provide flyers that recommend guidelines for sustainable outdoor lighting.


Broadcasting Events

The beauty of nightscape phenomena online


Cities At Night

Mapping the World at night with images taken by astronauts onboard the International Space Station


Photometer Network

Monitoring light pollution with low cost photometers designed by astronomers to study its evolution


The Beauty and the Beast

Help us creating an efficient and inefficient lighting systems map

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