Light Pollution Initiatives

Light pollution initiatives (LPIs) are local or global working groups who fight against the negative impacts of artificial light at night

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Broadcasting of astronomical events for engaging newcomers and creating awareness of the light pollution problem.

European sky protection

Collecting citizen signatures from at least one quarter of the EU member states.

Lighting Quality Label

Quality label recognizing the sky protection compliance of companies, NGOs, villages or any kind of institution.

Find the most crazy images of inefficient outdoor lighting! Inefficient use of lighting results in a waste of energy and is a threat for the environment. Help us identify the sites where light is installed in ridiculous ways.

Find and characterize places where people could go to enjoy dark and starry skies.

Monitoring light pollution with low cost photometers designed by astronomers to study its evolution.

Cities at Night keeps track of World light pollution with images taken by astronauts onboard the ISS.

Empower Citizen Actions

Create the change you want to see.

Here you can find guidelines for best practice and statements how to fight light pollution.

Monitoring Light Pollution from any location by using mobile phones.

Present measured data of nightscape brightness back to the citizens.

Organize meetings to compare methods to measure sky brightness.

Use your iphone to measure night sky brightness with this app.

Citizen-science campaign to raise LP awareness by gathering night sky brightness measures

With this kit young students can explore the concepts of quality lighting through six activities.

Raising awareness on the issue of LP, collecting quantitative data and promoting participatory processes.

Collect qualitative data from citizens using web and mobile apps aim to discover territorial controversies.


TESS photometer network to study night brightness around the Macaronesia area

Virtual night + Sky eye

Virtual representation of Cities lighting using Sim city and Cities Skylines + low-cost probe (balloon) to take pictures of cities at night.

Star parks

Study and characterization of nocturnal sky as seen from parks and natural scenarios such as Apuseni.

Facade lighting

Study of facades luminance with architectural students. Best lighting in facades guide.

Locate, visit and place photometers in the darkest places in Europe (Scandinavia, Scotland, Ukraine and Russia)

Photometers to be installed in 15 late year primary schools and 15 secondary schools to study light pollution on “coastal regions” vs “inner land regions”

Thanks to the aliance with Kananga we are setting up in Southern Africa 6 fixed TESS-W stations and quantifying the sky darkness of remote locations with a portable TESS-W unit

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