Virtual Night

There are many programs that allow the creation of a virtual reality. The purpose of this project is to organize a competition through which the current volunteer developers of these programs create a module, which allows to develop a digital version of a city, as realistic as possible, that contemplates light pollution.

The researchers of the project have been investigating the possibilities using the Cities Skylines programme and have found that it is possible to create cities in which the following parameters can be realistically personalised: colour temperature of the lamps, different types of luminaires, reflectance of the asphalt, diffusion of the atmosphere, reflectance of the snow, realistic layout of the roads by importing real roads and geography from Openstreetmap and others.

At present it is impossible for researchers to develop new modules that allow this software to be adapted for the creation of digital versions of cities based on open data.

The final objective is to create a tool that allows to have information on the environmental impact of public lighting based on open data and to be able to create a virtual representation of them. In addition, this tool will allow citizens to easily create their own city designs.