Use one of our tools in your initiative STARS4ALL

Create a new initiative

If you or your community have an idea, send us your proposal and will start to work together.

Crowdfunding platform

Funding your initiative by raising very small amount of money


Use our marketplace for selling the products of your initiatives.

Citizen Actions

With plugins such as  Trello and Disqus deployed in your website, you can start to organize people in your initiative

Game enabler

Use our game enabler to build crowdsourcing projects in your initiative

Data portal

Use our data portal to share and publish the data generated in your initiative.

Live dashboards

Use our live dashboards to visualize the data generated by your photometers.

Create your own initiative sending your idea.

We will evaluate it and we will help you

    Funding your initiative using our crowdfunding platform

    – Create your own crowdfunding campaign through our platform based on MPISE

     – Find our guideline to create successful crowdfunding campaigns

    – You will be assisted by the STARS4ALL team

    Take a tour

    Funding your initiative using our marketplace

    Contact with us to start working.

    Select products from our catalog. If you want to include a new product, please, contact with us

    Customize the marketplace products with the logos/images of your initiative

    Establish the selling price

    Create your games with our enabler

    Based on classifiers of images

    See an example


    Night Knights is a game to classify images from the ISS implemented as an instance of our enabler

    Use our enabler


    Fork our enabler from Github and follow the instructions available in the repository

    Request a Virtual Machine


    STARS4ALL will provide you a virtual machine based on Debian (1Ghz , 2Gb RAM, 30 GB HD) to deploy your enabler or to run your scripts

    Store and share your data in our data portal

    Based on CKAN technology

    Get space in our data servers


    STARS4ALL will create an organization for your initiative (upon request) where you can upload your datasets.

    Add metadata to your datasets


    Add relevant information to your datasets such us license (we work with open licenses), versions, data source, tags, authors or customized fields.

    Publish your data in Zenodo


    STARS4ALL has a community in Zenodo (a data repository) making your datasets citable generating a DOI.