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Take advantage of our web positioning by hosting your web and/or blog in our hosting.

Create community with plugins like Trello or Disqus. We help you.


We advise you so that the online dissemination of your project is a success

Webs y blogs

If you have an initiative covered by the STARS4ALL project, you can benefit from our webs and blogs service. This includes hosting with a domain that is autonomous or dependent on STARS4ALL, which means taking advantage of the positioning that our website already enjoys. Our collaborators can also opt for the WordPress content manager or design with static html through web servers. In any case they will have our advice throughout the process. Contact us.

You can host your website and/or blog in our hosting up to a capacity limit of 20 GB with your own domain.

You can host your website or blog in our hosting under the brand STARS4ALL and benefit from our web positioning.

You can opt for a WordPress content manager. We will help and advise you with the design, templates and plugins such as Trello or Disqus to energize your community and get a better communication between collaborators.

We will also advise and help you if you decide to design your website and/or blog with static html through the Apache or Nginx web server.

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