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Use our data portal to share and publish the data generated in your initiative

Based on CKAN technology

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We integrate your project data in our data portal and deliver them with Zenodo, which generates the DOI to be able to cite it in articles. There is the possibility of creating a private DOI, but after a time limit will be made public, as the community character of STARS4ALL is based on collaboration and knowledge sharing. We have a limit of 10 GB per initiative, but it could be extended depending on the needs of each initiative. Ask us.


Create your organization and store your data in it. Click on the image.




Click on the image to consult our tutorial.




You can consult the example cases of the photometer measurements of the European Photometer Network project and the Night Knights results of the Cities at Night project.

Get space on our data servers


STARS4ALL will create a section for the initiative (on request) where your data can be uploaded.

Add metadata to your datasets


Add relevant information to your data sets, such as licenses (we work with open licenses), versions, data sources, labels, authors, or custom fields.

Publish your data in Zenodo


STARS4ALL has a Zenode community (a data repository) that makes its data sets citable by generating a DOI.

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