Finance your initiative using our crowdfunding platform


Create your own crowdfunding campaign through our MPISE-based platform with the help of the STARS4ALL team. Consult our guide to create successful crowdfunding campaigns

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Counseling and educational resources

We provide our collaborators with resources, advice and information to develop their crowdfunding campaign.


What is collected is managed by the STARS4ALL project and addressed to the expenses and needs of the project or initiative that has set it in motion.


Access our recommendations page and watch the following video before starting your campaign. We are sure you will find it very useful.





Steps to follow

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Know our Crowdfunding platform


Cities at Night

Success Story


Cities at Night, one of the initiatives framed in STARS4ALL, started a crowdfunding with us for self-financing that has been a success. You can access the Crowdfunding page on the MPISE website or read this post on our blog.


Consult the deliverable of this proposal by clicking on the image:

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