Network for Education on Light Pollution in School




This initiative aims to raise awareness among the population about light pollution from education. To this end, the aim is to train the new generation of primary and secondary school teachers and reeducate those who are already practicing in this discipline thanks to a collaboration with university professors.


For this purpose, a basic course has been created to teach teachers astronomy, with novel methods, and how to impart it to their students, which consists of the following topics: astronomical position, solar system, exoplanets, spectrography, photometry, spectroscopy, determination of absolute magnitudes, power of the stars, nucleosynthesis, stellar evolution and cosmology.


To ensure the continuity and smooth running of the project, it is intended to establish in each country a local group of NASE members who continue to teach this basic course and new ones based on the developed materials.


One of the activities of the project is related to the problem of light pollution. The proposed practical activities kit was prepared to show all the forms of this problem using simple, low cost and simple materials to assemble in the classroom. This kit can also be used easily in science fairs, exhibitions, museums, planetariums, among other spaces.


Light Pollution Kit in english
Light Pollution Kit in spanish