Stars4all Launches a Competition of Light Pollution Initiatives

STARS4ALL is a European Awareness Platform for Sustainable and Social Innovation (CAPSSI) to protect the dark skies in Europe. Light pollution initiatives (LPIs) are developed to raising awareness about the consequences of artificial light at night on human well-being, biodiversity, visibility of stars, safety and energy waste.

Stars4all started with 10 LPIs to involve citizens in improving the quality of the nocturnal sky, broadcasting events of its beauty, detecting inefficient inside and disturbing outside lighting and the empowerment for a voice in the decision what kind of light brightens our night to what degree.
We are looking for 10 new LPIs to be included in the project that will be evaluated from January the 15th to February the 1st. 


Joining Stars4all comes along with some advantages


Run crowdfunding campaigns within the project’s tool.
Funding of travel expenses up to 4000 €.


Initiative promotion and help with a public launch to engage with citizens and with other LPIs.
Create a network effect of visibility by grouping relevant projects together.


Stars4all offers a network of scientists, volunteers and creative heads, an awareness platform for light pollution issues 
LPI initiators will become part of the group to get involved in emerging projects and applying for funding to public institutions.


Be supported by the project’s infrastructure that includes data and web hosting in our servers.
The winners list will be published on February, 1st, 2017.


Proposals will be evaluated by a committee of experts formed by Stars4all members evaluating according to following information:

  1. Is the idea related to effects of artificial light at night?
  2. Does the idea fit into the initial set of LPIs and complement the subjects in increasing the disciplines involved?
  3. Proposes the initiative ways to raise awareness? (For example by citizen science involvement.)
  4. Who are the stakeholders of the initiative? (For example scientists, industry, and/or social policy institutions)
  5. How will the Stars4all open-data policy be provided? (The output of the initiative is or will be shared)
  6. Is the initiative an already running project?
  7. Is the initiative endorsed by other institutions? Is external funding available?
  8. How can the initiative built collaboration with existing LPIS?



Everybody is welcome to participate. Fill the following contact form or send us your idea in form of a 1-4 page proposal to with the text “LPI competition” in the subject by January the 15th, 2017. You can choose any language of the consortium (English, Spanish, German, Italian or French)