The first LPI-gathering in Milan brought together leaders of light pollution initiatives and newcomers to STARS4ALL and CAPS. At this workshop the STARS4ALL team presented tools for the community and discussions on initiatives and actions. Invited speakers were Maria Brovelli and Andrea Giacomelli. Furthermore the LPI leaders presented their initiatives.

Check the pictures of the event in STARS4ALL Flickr by clicking on the picture

You can find all presentations of the event here.
Oscar Corcho – Introduction
Maria Brovelli – Citizen science
LPI presentation:
Oscar Corcho – STARS4ALL Light Pollution Initiatives. LPIs.
Franz Hölker – LoNNe
Alejandro Sánchez – Cities at Night
Lucía García – Nixnox
Chris Kyba – My Sky at Night
Miquel Serra – Video Broadcasting
Andreas Jechow – Hunting true nocturnal darkness in Europe
Andreas Haenel – Star parks
Andrej Mohar – EU Greenlight Procurement
Sibylle Schroer – Label for sustainable lighting
Sibylle Schroer – EU citizens initiative
Andrea Giacomelli – Buiometria participativa
Cătălin Daniel Gălăţanu – Facade lightning
STARS4ALL tools/services:
Oscar Corcho – STARS4ALL tools
Lucía García and Carlos Tapia – Photometers
Irene Celino – How to build a game with a purpose based on your LPI?
Esteban González – Data management – Bring your own data
Neal Reeves – How to calculate the health of the community in your LPI
Martina Lodi – Crowdfunding
Laura Rodríguez – Foundation & Marketplace
Oscar Corcho – LPI roundtables