Italy hosts the Symposium on Promotion and Protection of the Night Sky

The meeting on Promotion and Protection of the Night Sky, which will be held on the 13th and 14th of September on the Island of Capraia (Italy) under the title “Artificial light at night, environmental impact and sustainable tourism”, will be centered on the analysis and study of all aspects related to artificial night light (ALAN, in its acronym in English), without neglecting the environmental problems related to an excess in its use and the possible socioeconomic benefits of the dark skies for tourism in rural areas and natural parks, with a special emphasis on marine resources and coastal areas. The Island of Capraia becomes, from this point of view, the ideal setting to host such a symposium, due to its natural and tourist value, since it is located in the surroundings of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and has a night sky. great quality.



The objective of the symposium is to share and expand theoretical knowledge and practical experiences in all fields of science related to artificial light at night. Establishing contacts and creating partnerships for future collaborations are two of the strong points in the meeting, which will focus on topics such as design, monitoring, modeling and analysis of artificial light; the environmental impact on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, or sustainable tourism and society.



The Island of Capraia, a unique and volcanic natural environment, located 34 miles from the west coast of Italy, will host this meeting, which opens its doors to professionals from different sectors related to the research and study of light pollution , academics, policy makers (tourism and the environment), managers of natural environments, national parks and astronomical observatories, various NGOs, public and private associations related to technology and design of artificial lighting, astronomy, art, environmental education, tourism…. and, of course, students.



The complete program of the Symposium of Promotion and Protection of the Night Sky can be downloaded from this link.


More information on the web of the Symposium on Promotion and Protection of the Night Sky.