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Globe at Night app

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Through the Globe at Night APP, citizens can help raise awareness of the adverse effects of light pollution and measure the extent of these effects in five simple steps. Until now the collaboration could only be done from the web in English, but we will create an app for mobile, Android and iOS, which will make easier the task of collecting data on the brightness of the night sky, which will also be available in Spanish.


Through this app citizens can carry out a very useful data collection task to measure the impact of light pollution in the skies, and at the same time become aware of this real problem that is not given the importance it has. All you have to do is write down the date, time, location (latitude/longitude), the graph you chose and the amount of cloud cover at the time of the observation and then you can compare it with the annotations of other users.


This project will be carried out thanks to the joint effort of the G @ N team and the Institute of Astronomy.