Education on LP. Portugal and Galicia

The Luso-Gallega Science and Citizenship Initiative ELP – Education on Light Pollution aims to involve children and young people in primary and secondary education, together with their teachers, in raising awareness of light pollution problems, through motivation to be part of the solution and involving them in the local community.

At the same time, by doing science, they learn not only what light pollution is and how it affects the night sky and prevents the vision of a starry sky, but also the impacts on ecosystems – fauna, flora, natural resources – in energy consumption, how it contributes to climate change and even what is the relationship between light and health today.

The participating schools have photometers (Unihedron SQM) to measure the brightness of the night sky. The data will not only be used by students and teachers to analyze the brightness of the sky, but also to study some astronomical and meteorological phenomena.

The online sharing of the data from these photometers will also allow the scientific community to access these data from anywhere in the world, becoming a night sky monitoring network that will complement the existing network in Galicia and will be the first in Portugal.