Almería and the Defense of the Natural Darkness of the Night

The quality of the night sky is a natural heritage, as well as a valuable scientific, economic and cultural resource. The interest for its preservation grows every day with lots of initiatives organized with the same common objective: defending the darkness of the night. In this sense has been organized the International Meeting for the Defense of the Natural Darkness of the Night, which will take place in the Andalusian city of Almería on April 27.

The preservation of the natural darkness of the night goes through the design and use of exterior lighting systems focused on sustainability criteria, which minimize light pollution and its effects on health, environment, astronomical observations, safety and security, as well as energy and economic consumption. These will be some of the aspects that will be discussed in this meeting; in which will be announced the different techniques of measurement and modeling of the artificial brightness of the sky, providing information too about the STARS4ALL project.

The event, whose complete program can be consulted from this link, will have a business fair on sustainable lighting, specialized consulting and astrotourism, which will allow attendees to know pioneering experiences in these sectors, as well as create synergies for the creation of green employment , that every day appears more linked to the quality of the sky.

The meeting is organized by the Counseling of Environment and Planning, the Calar Alto Observatory, the Observatory and Sky Quality Office of the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, and the Friends Association of the Calar Alto Observatory. It will take place at the Museum of Almeria on April 27.

All the information about this meeting and its program, as well as the schedules, the registration form and the parallel activities, can be consulted on the website of the Counseling of Environment and Territory Planning of the Andalusian Regional Government.

For more information: Diario de Almería.